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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Fall Bouquet

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Simple tips you can use to elevate your flower game

This is probably hands down my favorite fall bridal bouquet I've ever designed! I love absolutely everything about it. The colors. The texture. To me, they're all perfect!

The best part is you can use these tips to design in a vase, a hand tied bouquet, or even a centerpiece! The possibilities are endless!

Here's how you can do it yourself!

1. Choose At Least 3 Types Of Greenery

Choosing at least 3 types of greenery will bring more interest and often more texture to your design. For this bouquet I used baby blue eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus and gunni eucalyptus. Each serves it's own purpose. The baby blue establishes a line in my bouquet. The seeded eucalyptus drapes nicely while the gunni gives the bouquet somewhat of a garden feel. I started the hand tied bouquet with the baby blue first then added in pieces of sliver dollar, seeded and gunni eucalyptus to establish my base.

2. Add a Pop of Color

While the greenery breaks up the color a bit, if I used all burgundy flowers it would become too dark. I wanted to break up the dark color with a pop of peach. I added in peach roses which brighten up the bouquet and give it more of a fall vibe. All burgundy could go too winter and for a September wedding the peach added just the right touch.

3. Choose Flowers With Different Textures

The mixed eucalyptus adds a lot of texture but I wanted more. For more depth and texture I added the hanging and upright amaranthus, the hellebores and privet berry. The hellebores are beautiful little flowers and the color was the perfect bridge between the the slivery blue eucalyptus and the burgundy roses. Different textures will provide added interest to any bouquet and also provide depth to the arrangement so it doesn't look like a round ball.

4. Add Movement

Using flowers with movement will make your bouquet more dynamic. The round tight rose bouquets, popular in the 90's were very static and formal. Adding movement gives it a bohemian vibe and makes it more of a loose garden style bouquet with that just picked look. The hanging and upright amaranthus lend great movement to the bouquet and the light burgundy color blended so well. The mixed eucalyptus also added great movement as did positioning the hellebores just above the other flowers.

5. Have Fun With It

When creating a hand tied bouquet or even just a bouquet for your table, remember to have fun with it! Choose flowers, colors and textures that you like and you can never go wrong!


Author: Amy Ferguson, CFD

Amy Ferguson is a Certified Floral Designer and has been working at Allen's Flowers for over 15 years. She grew up helping her mom, Sandra in the store and started full time with Allen's Flowers after graduating from the University of Missouri. She has a passion for wedding design and home decor. You can follow her personal blog at

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